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The intercultural exchange of intercultural training contents, core-elements and culture specifics is important to figure out the national, culture-specific didactic and understanding of intercultural trainings, the correlating needs and demands as well as the culture-specific interactivity with the participating trainees.


In Austria, Polandand Lativa is done

  • A national anylysis of existing trainings
  • the work out of a country-specific intercultural training ( in english language) in each partner country (held with local participants of the given target groups) –
  • the evaluation of these trainings on site.

The final result of the „Comparative study on culturespecific intercultural trainings in AT,PL & LV“ will show

  • the national situtaion of intercultural trainings especially in the field of used training methods and culture specifics
  • the evaluated results, differences and simularities as well as culture specific singularities.
  A better unterstanding of need, demands and practics of intercultural trainings within the praticipating countries and the correlating increase of information and practice of the countryspecific culture itself and the culturespecific aspects within the trainings will be an added value to trainers and trainees.